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Sunset in Mission Beach

Posted by Pacific Shore League Organization at Oct 20, 2018 3:41PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Another day in paradise


The Pacific Shore League is looking forward to our International players arriving for the 2019 season. We welcome players from Taiwan, Australia, Japan, Mexico, China, Korea, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and from other regions around the world. We take pride in bringing diverse groups of players together to share experiences, and make lasting baseball friendships. International players brings a greater experience while widening our own perceptions of the game. One day these players may be ambassadors in Major League Baseball.

The Pacific Shore League was created in 2019 to further expand the baseball talent pool in San Diego, while providing each player the tools they need to play at the college and professional level. As an organization, we believe that hosting players from all over the country here in San Diego, gives them the opportunity to play against top competition, instruction from top coaches, and increases their visibility to scouts. The Pacific Shore League first and foremost cares about providing the best Summer League baseball possible for our athletes.