2022 Season Canceled

Posted by Pacific Shore League on Mar 01 2022 at 03:17PM PST

Pacific Shoe league has canceled the 2022 season. We have made this decision based on lingering situation with COVID19 and all the issues that are a associated with it. Primarily fields are difficult to secure and the amount of financial compensation the parties are requiring to play a full season schedule. The San Diego City and County fields and School District fields have become difficult to use and costly to work with.

The other primary reason is that teams have had a difficult with maintaining a full roster of players and being able to maintain the quality of players required to play at this level. We had a successful 2021 season, but it was a very difficult task for the front office staff to constantly be working to secure fields, working with teams and players etc.

We now turn our focus to the 2023 season and hopefully COVID 19 becomes a virus in the past, fields open up and the quality of players and teams improve.

We will continue to keep you updated as we progress.

Pacific Shore League Management.